NEW ARRIVALS - August 2019

Refills on JS - Occys 2 new models - The Raging Bull and Bullseye
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The Raging Bull makes your best surfing easy from home to hard core surf trips, and it’s an easy decision to make if you’re only going to have one go-to board with you. 
The Bulls eye is versatile and user-friendly enough to be a daily motivation if you want to be in the water more than ever, keeping you sharp to surf your best, and then jump on a Raging Bull for pumping waves without missing a beat.
Pyzel is back!
A super versatile board, it has become one of JJF's favorites for all kinds of surf (Margaret River winner, Bells Ollie Oop, J-Bay carves, and even head-high Trestles) and a go-to for many surfers around the world.

Originally designed for performance in hollower, more powerful types of waves, the Ghost has proven to be great for reef breaks, dumpy beachies, and also excels in point waves.
Refills of Holy Toledo and Toledo #77

Closest feel to surfing outside the water! SmoothStar is the #1 best surf trainer, voted by the best surf coaches all over the world.

Head in store to check out the decks. Limited stock.