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The Hydronaut A Brand New Step-Up by Tomo.

After three years of development, the Hydronaut is here. It's done - built for barrels, designed to go deeper and created for clean exits.

There is not a better single board quiver for waves 6 feet or bigger, whether you're cracking the best open-faced carve of your year, or chasing the most wide open barrel of your life. 

Put simply the Hydronaut is a stock LFT shape that feels fun to surf from V Land to G Land when the wave faces are sized six foot to sixteen foot. It’s ridden by Timmy Reyes, Stu Kennedy, and Daniel Thomson, and it excels at the most critical aspect of chasing big waves – it makes the drop – to quote Kelly Slater’s thoughts on the Hydronaut; “It’s impossible to pearl on.”

Pre-order for an estimated October delivery.