At first glance, for a surfer, it takes some comprehension. 
Back in 2005 Macquarie Harbour produced 2000 tonnes of salmon a year, but by 2012 the Tasmanian Government had approved Macquarie Harbour for 29,500 tonnes. They never got there. As the number of stocked fish in the harbour grew, the local environment began to degrade and show early signs of collapse with low oxygen levels, sediment and nutrient build up, and disease outbreaks contributing to large fishkills of farmed salmon. With the industry now under increased scrutiny they’ve begun scouting for new locations, which has brought them across to King Island. 

The island might only be home to 1723 people, but it is also home to a thriving primary industry brand that creates almost full employment. King Island dairy, beef and seafood is internationally renowned, and islanders are concerned the dirty reputation of the salmon farming industry will not only ruin Martha Lavinia Beach, it will trash the island’s reputation. 
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