HSA Hybrid 35' Tow Rope

From High Surf Accessories (HSA):


Usually teamed up with the Regular Tow Handle to get the perfect total length for most tow conditions.

HSA's recommended “go-to” rope.

35' long for when you require a little bit more length than the HSA 30' Tow Rope.

This is the gold standard of tow ropes and is the latest, most up to date rope on the market. Don't accept anything less.



HSA is the only company to produce a line of tow ropes and handles specifically for tow-surfing. They continually source new materials to bring you the most advanced equipment possible. All ropes & handles are quality crafted with safety and function in mind.

These tow ropes are not for heavy static pulling - they were not designed for dragging your PWC on the sand on a remote beach with your 4x4.

Type: Tow Surfing

Vendor: HSA


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