Rip Curl GPS watch - BACK IN STOCK

Rip Curl GPS watch
After selling out of the world's best surf tracker AGAIN, we've been RE-STOCKED with Rip Curl's award winning GPS watch, including the NEW blue colourway which looks awesome. The Rip Curl GPS has been our most popular watch since their release and you will still receive your 5% VIP discount when purchasing your watch too!
See below for a couple of frame grabs from a lunch time surf a while ago... The waves were only knee high so we grabbed a 6ft Star Softboard to play around on and find out how the GPS watch performs.
Needless to say, we weren't disappointed. These things are AMAZING.
We are definitely stoked to have the Rip Curl GPS watches in store at the moment.
Track your surf, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session, then see how you compare against your mates and the world's best surfers.
If you are keen on one of these, get into your local Star store and check them out before they sell out AGAIN.
Star Mandurah - 9535 4500
Star Warehouse/Board store Osborne Park - 9444 0799

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