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We have started to receive our first deliveries of JS Industries Surfboards for this summer.

Below is the list of models that we will be carrying over the summer months at our stores.

If there's a particular JS you'd like to purchase but you can't see it below, please email websales@starsurf.com.au and we'll order the board direct from the JS factory for you, Too easy!

All JS Industries boards from this summer will feature hybrid fibre reinforcement (hyfi) tail patches on all boards. Here's what the JS guys have to say:

Innegra S is a high-performance olefin fibre that is lightweight, tough, durable, hydrophobic and recyclable. When high-modulus fibres are combined with Innegra S fibre, weight can be reduced, impact resistance and damage tolerance are vastly improved expanding the performance of existing fibre technology.

Hybrid Fibre Reinforcement (hyfi) development.
It became obvious that the original composite patches had to change when our team was requesting no tail patches as it stiffened the tail. Additional layers of cloth added weight with minimal protection and as the tail is most vulnerable to damage, a solution was required.

This lead us to develop the hybrid fibre (hyfi) reinforced tail patch. Using a calculated spacing of yarns, positioning the strongest close together on the outside rail & reducing the strength and quantity onto the deck gave us strength where needed. This layup also blends the flex to avoid any irregular stress points.

• Multi-filament, high modulus olefin yarn
• Density 0.84g/cc
• Hydrophobic
• Tough
• Durable
• Low Elongation
• Low Creep
• Highly Crystalline
• Recyclable

“I am always on the look out for ways to strengthen boards so they last longer but more importantly I want to maximise performance! I’ve been working on a new way to keep maximum strength but I also wanted to reduce the stiffness that regular patches/strips give the tail. hybrid fibre (hyfi) is a perfect solution for maintaining the strength, making the boards a little lighter and keeping the optimum flex pattern. After rigorous testing with the team the response was unanimous. Parko, Ace, Dusty and Owen all said the boards performed like their favourites with no patches and had little or no damage to the tail area at all”.JS  

 Monsta Box

MONSTA BOX is two of JS's favourite boards rolled into one!
By fusing the 2 best selling boards in the JS range together, the boys have created a board that suits an even wider range of surfers and conditions.

The MONSTA BOX has less rocker then a MONSTA 3 and more rocker than a BLAK BOX 2. JS has blended the MONSTA 3 and BLAK BOX 2 rockers to create a perfect combination of entry and exit rockers and given it a single to double concave. 

The outline is wider than a MONSTA 3 and narrower than a BLAK BOX 2.

MONSTA BOX comes standard with a 3-fin set-up.

Whether you’re travelling light or the budgets a little tight, MONSTA BOX has you covered. If you could only take 1 board to the beach then the MONSTA BOX is it! 




107107 was the production code found on the board everyone around the JS factory is calling the best small wave design to date. 107 was built and trialled by JS staff, several JS team riders and many local rippers. In fact, the original board disappeared for 18 months and was finally found in Parko’s garage recently. Parko had been nursing this puppy for over a year and he reckons the 107 is his all-time personal standout in small 1-2 feet conditions. 
JS replicated this model and once again 107 proved to be a step above any small wave model in its path. The 107 has all the fundamentals needed for small wave surfing. The nose is wide yet still conventional. The single concave under the chest offers a large sweet spot before running into a deeper double concave throughout the fins backed up by a light Vee coming out of the tail. The design intent revolves around catching waves easily, capturing speed quickly and maintaining speed throughout turns. The tail volume is reduced and the curve is pulled for tighter turn in the pocket.

 107s Available at Star Perth, Mandurah and Hillarys

5'4 - 27L

5'6 - 29.6L

5'8 - 31.7L

5'9 - 32.4L

5'10 - 34L

6'0 - 35.4L

 JS's Full Range of 107s

Email to order


Blak Box 2 Round Tail
The Round Tail BLAK BOX 2 has all the same legendary elements that make up the original squash tail and also some added versatility via an alternative tail shape and 5 fin set-up options.
The BB2 squash already exceeded people's expectations in a wide range of conditions and often pushed people to surf the board beyond its intended limits. For this reason we wanted to expand these limits.
Rounded pin tails offer “all-round” performance in the pocket or tighter part of the wave. Set up as a quad you’ll get projection down steeper, faster waves, which will get you around that next mushy closeout section or will provide extra hold in the tube with more speed and manoeuvrability than you've ever felt before.
Blak Box 2 Round tails available at Star Perth, Mandurah and Hillarys
5'9 - 27.3L
5'11 - 30.2L
6'0 - 31.9L
6'2 - 34.5L
6'3 - JS 36.3L

JS's Full Range of Blak Box 2s: 

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HIPPEE made its first appearance earlier this year under the feet of Julian Wilson. It was during the 2014 Hurley Australian Open when conditions deteriorated to a weak 1 foot beach break through the middle rounds. Julian dominated those rounds and proved the HIPPEE to be all we had expected from it as the greatest (super) small wave performer to date.
Its direct drive, resulting from the straight section leading off the hip, this hip also gives a pivotal point for fast directional changes. HIPPEE has volume forward and is finer out the tail, specially suited surfers who want to combine aerials and rail surfing.

Hippees available at Star Perth, Mandurah and Hillarys

5'9 - 25L

5'10 - 26.1L

5'11 - 27.6L

6'0 - 29.2L

6'1 - 30.6L

6'2 - 32.1L

6'3 - 33.6L

6'4 - 35.2L

 JS's Full Range of Hippees

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Monsta 3


The MONSTA 3 model is the most all round, high performance board in the JS quiver. It was credited as the 2013 surfboard of the year by the SBIA as well as playing a major part in Parko's WCT victory.

The Monsta 3 slots into the huge gap found between perfection and absolute slop.
This model has been building momentum since its release in 2010, undergoing slight adjustments from event to event and surfer to surfer to finally arrive at its current ideal state. 

Monsta 3s available at Star Perth, Mandurah and Hillarys

5'10 - 24.6L

5'11 - 25.9L

6'0 - 27.2

6'1 - 27.8

6'2 - 29.2

6'3 - 30.5L

6'4 - 31.4L

6'6 - 34.9L

6'8 - 36.5L

JS's Full Range of Monsta 3s

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Forget Me Not 

Parko used the FMN 5-fin set up in many events throughout the past couple of years on tour when the waves were good. And in 2013 it made its way under the feet of 3 of the top 4 places in the Margret River Pro (Dusty, Ace and Julian Wilson). If you're heading anywhere and you expect to surf good waves make sure you have a FMN round Pin on hand.

FMN played a major role in Parko’s 2012 title win, being the first choice when the waves were at their best. Although the DNA of this model has been around since 2009 it is constantly evolving and improving along with the surfers riding it. FMN is now at the peak of performance surfing equipment and when used in appropriate conditions is unrivalled.
During 2012 I made a few adjustments to JOEL’S FMN adding more volume throughout the centre of the board, yet still keeping the rail heights in line with what the model is actually for - GOOD waves. Having a lower more refined rail allows the board to penetrate and turn at high speeds.I have also added slightly more area to the outline yet leaving the tail tight with no hip for a continuous smooth curve.

Forget Me Nots available at Star Perth, Mandurah and Hillarys

6'0 - 25.4L

6'1 - 26.3L

6'2 - 27.1L

6'3 - 27.9L

6'4 - 29.8L

6'6 - 32.8L 

JS's Full Range of FMNs

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Little Monsta

The Little MONSTA is the premium performance model for groms. It follows all the same characteristics of is bigger brother. With the popularity of LITTLE MONSTA at an all time high, JS has added a new range of dimensions to cover a wider range of surfers and conditions. 

Little Monstas available at Star Perth, Mandurah and Hillarys

5'2 - 18.6L

5'3 - 19.9L

5'4 - 20.5L

5'5 - 21.0L

5'6 - 21.3L

5'7 - 21.8

JS's Full Range of Little Monstas

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