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Skeleton Key
Star is currently stocking the Skeleton Key at all 3 stores in sizes ranging from 5'7 to 6'4. If you'd like a board outside of these dimensions, just email and we'll order whatever dimensions you'd like AND you still receive your Star VIP discount on the price of the board :)
See the table at the bottom of this page for a full list of dimensions so you can easily choose the ideal board to suit your needs!
The SKELETON KEY is a collaboration between Darren Handley and 3 times world champ Mick Fanning. They aimed to create a performance step-down surfboard that could be easily ridden by ALL SURFERS.
The formula is simple… More outline in the plan shape, lower rocker, fuller rail and a lightning fast deep single to double concave is what makes this new model a neccessity for all surfers in all parts of the world once the summer time small wave blues have hit!
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