The Warmest Winter Wetsuits at Star

We have now received delivery of all our top of the line 2015 winter wetsuits from all the world's leading surf brands. With the water temp dropping another degree or two lately, there's no better time to come in and get yourself into a toasty warm new suit for the winter! Our selection of suits at the moment is the biggest it's ever been, so check out your faves before we start selling out of them again for the year!

Check out some of our warmest picks from this year's ranges below...

You can also click HERE to check out our womens range of wetsuits or HERE to check out our juniors range.


Men's Steamers

Rip Curl

Flash Bomb 3/2 Zip Free (Mens & Jnrs) and 3/2 Chest Zip (Mens & Jnrs)

$549.99 Mens - $349.99 Juniors



The Flash Bomb is Rip Curl's top of the line suit and also the world's fastest drying wetsuit. The Flash bomb has also been the best selling suit around the country for the past couple of winters. Featuring flash lining, Rip Curl's super stretchy E4 blend of neoprene and taped internal seams, this suit will keep you warm and it'll be dry and good to go for your second surf before midday with its quick drying capabilities. 

More colours of Men's and Jnrs Flash bombs available in store!



    Phantom LTD 2/2, men's sizes only - $599.99

     The Hurley Phantom LTD is an exclusive, limited release wetsuit that we were lucky enough to receive from Hurley. Only available at our Perth store, let us know if you want to try one on in our Mandurah or Hillarys stores and we'll transfer a wetsuit to you!

    The Phantom LTD features Hurley's high-tech Thermo Light reflective lining (pictured below) which reflects and radiates heat back onto your body. This lining also lets you wear this wetty as a 2/2 instead of the usual 3/2, so you'll be lighter, more flexible and altogether comfier in the water.


    Fusion 3/2, Men's $499.99, Jnrs $349.99


    The Fusion 3/2 features seamless paddle zones and utilises Hurley's 100% Super Stretch Flex Light neoprene for maximum warmth and flexibility. Blind stitched and taped seams means that no cold water can enter and flush your warmth away.

    More colours of Men's and Jnrs Fusion suits available in store!



    Psycho 3 3/2 Chest Zip & Back Zip, men's sizes only, $549.99



    The Psycho 3 features the newly updated Techno Butter 2 rubber which is the most durable and lightweight as well as quick to dry neoprene on the market. The wetsuit also features O'Neill's Technobutter 2 Air Firewall fleece in the torso area and internal and external, double fluid seams to keep you warm and loose. It's extremely hard to get a cold flush in these suits with their double fluid seams! The Psycho 3 is the wetsuit to go for if you are looking for ultimate warmth from a 3/2.

    Head into your local Star to see extra colours to choose from in both the chest zip and back zip models.




    Pyrotech 3/2 Chest Zip $399.99

    O'Neill's Pyrotech wetsuits combine all the best elements of the Psycho 3 and package it together at a slightly lower price point. Featuring O'Neill's exclusive Techno Butter neoprene and Firewall insulation and a single, external fluid seam combined with O'Neill's F.U.Z.E chest zip closure system. These are lighter, warmer, more insulating and quicker drying than most wetsuits yet priced very affordably. Pyrotech is the latest advancement in cold water wetsuit technology from the world leaders in wetsuit innovation over the last 60 years.



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