Skate Hardware for Summer

Skate Hardware for Summer

 Drifter Cruisers and Urban Sk8er complete setups have been stocked right back up in the lead up to Christmas and these are always popular at this time of the year. 

Drifter CruiserUrban Sk8erCOmplete


With Drifter Cruisers ranging from 26" to 46" and starting at $169.99 and Urban Sk8er completes at only $109.99 you can easily deck out the kids with some new rolling stock for Chrissie!


The freshest in skate hardware keeps rolling in to our stores (perfect timing for Chrissie...) so everyone can take advantage of the sunny days and keep on rollin'. Perfect for keeping your surfing skills in touch is the Smooth Star carving surf/skate boards pictured above which a lot of crew are using as training tools for improving their surfing.

Joel Tudor Pro Sector 9

 The Joel Tudor pro model (above) is also another cruiser/park oriented board which is designed to avoid hook ups on the coping and also comes with a built in multi purpose bowl... 

Real Completes

We've also had a solid drop of REAL and ANTI-HERO completes into our stores. These decks are paired with quality trucks and wheels and are only $159.99!

Chocolate Sumi Chunk

We've also been topped up with wood and wheels from WA's own GMTA skateboards

GMTA range


GMTA wheels

And as always we are carrying a premium range of Nike SB kicks which look the goods when you're both on and off your board.

Nike Janoski Max L   P-Rpd 9 R/R 




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