Shark Shields now in store!

Shark Shields now in store!

Shark Shield

Big news guys! The long awaited Ocean + Earth / Shark Shield collaboration has finally arrived! 

This product has been independently scientifically tested and is backed by two decades of scientific research.

The removable power module features LED indication for power on/off and battery life and is housed in a custom designed Ocean & Earth tailpad, which enables you to move the power module easily between different boards and also for recharging. The all important antenna electrodes have been designed as a sticker: a thin, adhesive decal which is applied to the bottom of your surfboard. The adhesive decal antenna has near zero drag (it's only 500 microns thin), so there is no impact on your surfboard's performance.

For a detailed product description, please see the complete brochure HERE.

Available for purchase HERE, be quick if you're interested because they've already started walking out the door!

Tom Carroll Shark Shield


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