Wooly + Marty head to the WSL - Kelly Slater Wave Co - Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California.

Wooly at the Surf Ranch
Wooly won a trip to the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California! 
Star Surf was nominated by the WA Quiksilver Brand Manager, Marty Farrow and was drawn out of the 24 entrants........So Wooly was off to the Surf Ranch.
So he has compiled all the footage and pics into a little edit and we will be showing it in the shop Thursday 9th 5 to 7pm. Then Wooly and Marty will do a Q&A session so feel free to come along and ask them anything you would like to know about the wave pool.
The boys were there to surf for a day and then watch the Quiksilver Young Guns competition so we will also be checking out the Young Guns clip too.
Hope to see ya in the store for clips, Q&A, pizza and some giveaways for the groms!