Try before you buy from a  selection of the latest models from JS, Slater Designs, DHD, Pyzel, Channel Islands and Firewire. Wooly reviews the boards on his YouTube channel 'Wooly TV' and then they end up in the demo rack. We hope all you guys/girls who test-drive one of our demo surfboards will get the chance to really work out what sort of board you'd like and you'll also be able to try some designs you'd never normally surf.

The demo program will work like this:

  1. Customers in the market for a new board can check out our selection of demo boards at Star or have a look at the list below and choose which board they'd like to have a surf on.
  2. Star takes a $50 deposit from your for the board and you take it for a shred.
  3. You return the surfboard and repeat the process again if you'd like to try another model OR if you fell in love with the board you initially test-drove, you can grab a brand new one off our rack and we'll take the $50 deposit off the price of the board. 
  4. Happy days - you've got a new shooter!


Demo Surfboard List


DHD Mini Twin - Futures - 6'1" - 

DHD - Sandman

DHD - Mick Fanning Twin

JS Black Baron - Futures - 5'10" - 

JS Big Baron - FCS - 6'8" - 38.5L

JS Red Baron - FCS - 5'8" - 

Channel Islands - Rocket Wide

Channel Islands - Happy Everyday

Pyzel - Astro Pop

Firewire - Sweet Potato

Slater Designs - Flat Earth