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DHD EPS Phoenix - Swallow Tail

DHD EPS Phoenix - Swallow Tail

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Surf the ‘PHOENIX’ 2 to 3 inches shorter and 1 to 3 litres more than your everyday shortboard.

The DHD EPS Phoenix is your go-to board for when the waves are sub-par or lack in power. Meant to sit just beneath your everyday shortboard and to be ridden a little bit smaller while holding a bit more foam.


Construction: Epoxy EPS
Glassing: Epoxy Construction 220 GR BIAX x 4oz / 4oz + Tiger claws over the fins, which improves strength and flex.
Fin Boxes: FCS2/Futures x 5 (Choose option above - Fins not included)
Tail shape: Rounded Squash
Dimensions/Litres: See size graph above
Rocker: Flatter entry Rocker
Concave: Single to Double Concave
Rails: Medium to low rail
Carbon: Black Innegera Carbon Strip deck & bottom. White Innegra Carbon Toe Patches.

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