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Xcel Drylock Boot Split Toe 3mm - Black

Xcel Drylock Boot Split Toe 3mm - Black

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Engineered 3D Warmth and Comfort. This 3-dimensional boot contours the foot while minimizing excess bottom rubber to make for a true board feel. The Celliant Black with Channel Flex make it Warm and Comfortable, while the Drylock Cuff opening prevents flushing, the ergonomic strap keeps your heel in the pocket and pressure off your instep, and the heel strap makes for easy pull up.


  1. Channel Flex
  2. Celliant Black
  3. 3D Design
  4. Drylock Ankle Seal
  5. Pull Up Heel Loop
  6. Ergonomic Strap
  7. Fusion X Seam Tape

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