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JS Black Eagle 2 Foil (inc Grip & Cover)

JS Black Eagle 2 Foil (inc Grip & Cover)

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Foiling has evolved into a completely unique way to enjoy the ocean over the past few years, and the best equipment is evolving with it. With an extensive R&D process to refine the next generation of foil boards, for this new edition, JS & athletes have decided to remove the previous tail pod and create a shape that can flow seamlessly through even the steepest sections.

As foiling lines become more creative and include roundhouses or rebounds off the white water, our R&D process found that boards with this part of the tail chopped off are much smoother through turns, reducing any catch and allowing turns to be tighter, right in the pocket. This has allowed our athletes to take the next step in foiling and explore lines more similar to a surfboard, going faster than ever before whether in open ocean swells or critical hollow sections.

The twin stringers also reinforce the entire board for added strength, particularly around the futures single fin boxes holding the foil in place. A flat deck with a chine rail and deep double concave in the nose stops the board sticking to the water whenever it touches back down.

Additionally, this early double concave acts as two channels, helping you paddle straight, pop up and get to wave speed quickly. Remember – when sizing your foil board, similar to regular surfing, riding shorter boards makes turning much easier. As you become more comfortable, all you need is enough volume to float you comfortably, but initially, a few more litres will help with paddle power and stability.

Alex Hayes (6’0” / 78kg)
3'9" x 17 3/8 x 2 9/16 - 24.6L

Dingo Morrisson (5’6” / 68kg)
3'10” x 17 3/4 x 2 5/8 - 26.4L

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