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Unifoil Hyper 2 190 Complete

Unifoil Hyper 2 190 Complete

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This wing design screams high performance. Upgraded for 2023, the Hyper² has been designed to have the same look and feel as the original Hyper, but it is much faster and more efficient, with a broader speed range and a much higher top end. The thinner profile and narrower tips produce less drag.

This complete pack includes:
Hyper 2 190 front wing
750 Katana Carbon Mast
Fuse - Medium 2 bolt 33cm
Tail Wing - 13" G10 tail pack
T-nuts and screws
Stainless hardware with spares included
Padded wing and mast cover
Padded carry case

190 in²
1226 cm²
Span 952mm
Cord 157mm
Aspect Ratio 7.5:1
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