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Unifoil Progression 140 Front Wing

Unifoil Progression 140 Front Wing

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Handling and Performance

  • Lowered Stall Speed = More glide time, less cardio, reduced fatigue.
  • Stable pitch control = Forgiving and intuitive feel gives you more confidence to push it.
  • Direct connection between rider and foil =  More control in tip breaches, more reactive, stable in turbulence.
  • High Aspect Dihedral = Tighter turns.

What level/conditions/disciplines does it work in?

  • For all levels of foiler.
  • Across many disciplines: prone, wing, downwind, tow.
  • In perfectly groomed offshore waves and onshore slop.
140 in²
Span 898mm
Cord 130mm
Aspect Ratio 8.9:1
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