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Unifoil Progression Carbon Mast - 800

Unifoil Progression Carbon Mast - 800

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"My goal in designing the progression mast was to create the ultimate surf mast. Flex is the enemy of response, both in surfing and pumping, so we've made the mast a touch thicker at the fuse connection, increasing stiffness. It may be a surprise to hear its a touch thicker than the Katana, and in theory, slower, but in practice the added stiffness is allowing us to fly higher on the mast, longer, reducing the wetted area, and gaining efficiency." "This results in a more efficient pump thorough a reduction in drag. While riding a larger wing, or being a heavier rider, the benefits of reducing mast flex is immediately felt in overall control of the foil. The leading edge of the mast is vertical, and the bottom 40% does not taper, so you have an incredibly reliable foil section in the water during turns, creating consistent and confident movement." We've found we can push harder through our turns with increased flow. The mast is 800mm, which is my favorite length for prone, tow and downwind. The baseplate has been redesigned completely compared to the Katana. The bolts are set closer which allows for more forwards placement in the tracks. 1.2 inches in mast position is gained. The baseplate is tapered at the mast connection, additionally reducing initial drag on takeoffs or touchdowns. Since riding the Progression 800 mast, it's all I want to ride now." Erik Antonson
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